Sustainable jewellery, made with cultured diamonds and stones, that is easy to wear - whether you’re into jeans and a T, or the biggest ball gown in town.




Launched in 2018 by Laura Chavez, Lark & Berry was born out of a taste for the unique, a desire to do things differently and a hope to disrupt the jewelry industry just a little bit.

It all started when Laura saw how frustrating it was to buy good quality jewellery. The beautiful, high-quality pieces were way out of her budget and the origins of the diamonds were often unclear. The affordable jewelry, on the other hand, was mainly made with plated metals or lower quality diamonds (dark or with lots of inclusions), mostly from unclear sources - and sometimes, they were not even real diamonds at all. To her, that was not fun!

Laura began to look for an opportunity to fill the gap in the market - this suddenly became possible when she discovered the innovation of cultured diamonds and the ethical value they deliver. Using cultured stones would allow for a transparency impossible to attain with mined diamonds. The impact on the environment in using cultured diamonds was also much lower, which would in turn help Lark & Berry invest now to create a sustainable future.

Thanks to this discovery, from the beginning, Lark & Berry was able to focus on creating beautiful, high-quality yet sustainable pieces of jewelry that do not break your wallet.

While Lark & Berry very much looks to the future, there is some cool history to the name.

When learning English as a child, Laura discovered that her favourite species of bird “lark” also meant playful. As she grew up she became a firm believer that what ever we do we should always keep a playful spirit as to enjoy the most out of our every day. When thinking of a name for her jewelry brand, Laura knew this word must be used. However, she also wanted the name to have a connection to her grandmother, the most elegant woman she had ever met; also the first woman Laura ever saw with a collection of jewels.

She then remembered a pendant her grandmother gifted her, which resembled a berry. Voila, the name Lark & Berry was born.




We confess - we love diamonds.

What we don’t love is the price tag that comes with such a beautiful stone. We don’t just mean its monetary value, but also the price that people and the environment pay as a result of mining for diamonds and precious stones.

We found that mining causes an enormous amount of environmental damage. Not only that but the promise of wealth and hope that mining for stones brings to some of the poorest countries and communities , is often false. This results in much secrecy, swindling and smuggling, corruption and price-fixing, human rights abuses and financing of conflict, political violence and war crimes.

We learnt that there were major flaws in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme - a program which many companies have signed up to and is supposed to ensure a conflict-free supply chain of diamonds. This is where Lark & Berry, with your help, swoops in to disrupt.

Like a happy marriage, we believe the unity of innovation, conscience and a fun attitude will create the highest quality of products and experience for you. No matter how big or small, you can always trust that we have accepted only the highest-rated diamonds and stones - no less! That’s a promise.

Call us Mystic Meg if you like but we envision cultured diamonds as the future of luxury jewelry. After doing a little digging, we were blown away to discover that cultured, also called lab-grown diamonds are the same as their mined counterparts. Both have the same chemical structure, brilliant sparkle and are graded in the same way.

Our lab-grown diamonds are also 100% traceable so you know exactly where they came from, through each step of their production - this is unlike their mined counterparts whose origins are often difficult to trace.

Now that’s something worth investing in!

For these reasons, you’ll find cultured diamonds and stones throughout all of our beautifully-designed jewelry ranges.

We don’t profess to be superheroes in the sustainable jewelry market but, with you, we are willing to shake things up for a better future.





We embarked on this journey to bring you the best designs, with the highest quality and assurance that cultured diamonds are a sustainable investment. The true essence of Lark & Berry is to disrupt for the greater good so we’ll start as we mean to go on.



At Lark & Berry, we want to lather you in luxury by delivering the highest quality of products possible. But, we are also mindful of our social responsibility and having a positive impact.

We want you to know that it is absolutely possible to achieve both - you can have fine products with a clean conscience. We’re women after all and, as they say, multitasking is our thing!

Growing our diamonds in a lab eliminates ethical questions like whether the stones exchanged hands to fund war or if digging in local areas has affected living conditions for those who call these communities home.

As a brand, we believe being as open as possible regarding our cultured diamonds contributes to the wider push for a more transparent fashion industry. It is important to us that we ensure you have the highest quality jewelry possible and we know you’ll want to protect the environment and human rights as much as we do.

Teamwork makes the dream work!