What are Cultured Diamonds?

Cultured diamonds are diamonds. They are also known as lab grown, created or man made. In this day and age, you can mine diamonds and you can grow diamonds. Both are just as hard, just as brilliant and just as everlasting because both are just diamonds. Real Diamonds.

Can my expert gemologist friend tell a mined diamond and a cultured diamond apart?  


Are cultured diamonds also graded? Can you get a certificate?

YES! Cultured Diamonds are graded in the same way as mined diamonds- by their colour, clarity, cut and carat. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the IGI (International Gemological Institute), among other gemological institutes offer certificates for lab grown diamonds.

Are cultured diamonds more or less expensive?

Since there's no monopoly pricing and there's only 2 steps to obtain them (Grow & Cut), cultured diamonds are 30% to 50% less than mined ones.

How are diamonds grown?

We mimic the way diamonds grow under ground.

Theres 2 ways you can grow diamonds. One involves applying immense heat and pressure to carbon and the other involves applying heat and gases to a diamond slice.

Both processes create 100% diamonds; and watching both of these processes in real life is like magic, but real!

How are cultured diamonds more sustainable?

Cultured diamonds don't require land or wildlife displacement. Since they are not mined, they don't cause any under ground water pollution or release any chemicals into the ground.  

Cultured diamonds can now be grown with 100% renewable energy and they are guaranteed conflict-free every single time.

How pure are cultured diamonds?

Cultured diamonds are generally purer than mined diamonds since we can control the environment in which they grow. Only 2% of mined diamonds are as pure as cultured diamonds. This type of rare diamond is calledType 2a.

Do cultured diamonds shine as much as mined ones?

They shine exactly the same! It's all about the colour, cut, and clarity that you get!

Will my cultured diamonds last as long as my mined diamond?

Yeap! Just as long, in the exact same way.

What type of jewellery can you make with cultured diamonds?

The same type of jewellery made with mined diamonds can be made with cultured diamonds. This includes diamond rings, engagement rings, diamond necklaces, diamond stud earrings, diamond bracelets, etc.

For bespoke jewellery services you can contact us below.

People confess: Why I chose a cultured diamond.

"I am literally getting the same product, of a better quality and better sourced for a better price. Going back to mined would not make any sense!"

-Phillip from London

"I've read so much about the mining industry I just knew I couldn't keep partaking in that. I still love diamonds so this was the perfect choice for me."

-Leslie, Paris

Sustainability matters more than ever now. In a lot of industries you have to give up quality or pay much more to get access to a sustainable product. With diamonds it's quite the opposite. If this isn't enough reason to choose a cultured diamond over a mined one, I don't know what is.

-Isabelle, London

How are diamonds grown?

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